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At Dial a Dog Wash Peacehaven we strive to keep our prices competitive. Added value comes from the convenience of mobile dog grooming – we come to you, so what could be easier? All breeds and crossbreeds are welcome!


Groom, wash and conditioning

This service includes, grooming with a unique grooming tool to remove dead undercoat, knots, loose skin flakes, dirt/grit etc., nail clip, check ears and eyes and clean accordingly to remove excessive wax and sleep, then a relaxing bath using a shampoo that only contains natural ingredients and conditioner giving body and shine to all types of fur, Turbo blow dry to blow out remainder dead fur, another groom with a slicker brush to add to the density and texture of the fur and then to finish - a rub down with a 9 essential oil doggy cologne – leaving your dog smelling beautiful on their return - GUARANTEED!
(Please Note: This service does not include clipping/scissoring of fur - see all inclusive list further below.)


Small Dogs:

£18-£20: e.g. Yorkie, Jack Russell, Staffs, Westie, Beagle, Shitzu, Lhaso Apso, etc.


Medium Dogs:

£20 - £30: e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Border Collie, Doberman, Beagle, Weimeraner, Greyhounds, Cockers, Springer Spaniel, etc.


Large Dogs:

£30 - £40: e.g. Rottweiler, Bull Mastive, Dogue de Bordeux, German Sheppard,  Akita, Husky,  Retriever, Bearded Collie, Old English, etc.


Extra Large Dogs:

£45 - £60: e.g. Newfoundland, Saint Bernard, etc.


ALL INCLUSIVE: Clipping/scissoring, groom/wash/conditioning, nail trimming and cologne.


Small Dogs:

£26 - £35: e.g. Yorkie, Westie, Shitzu, Lhaso Apso, etc.


Medium Dogs:

£35 - £45: e.g. Cockers, Springer Spaniel, Scotties, Tibetan Terrier etc.


Large Dogs:

£45 - onwards : e.g. Setters, Large Schauzer, English  Sheepdog, etc.


Regular washes will help to keep your dog’s moulting under control, meaning less dead fur for you to clean up around your home!


Nail Trimming

£5 charge if another dogs nails need clipping (must be at the same address). Otherwise a £15 call out fee applies. 


Micro-Chipping Service 

£20. We offer a £5 discount on the micro-chipping if included with any of the following grooming services.


Flea Treatments

Prices vary, depending on size and breed – starting from £5. Please ask me for a quote.


Price estimates will be given over the phone and confirmed before grooming starts.


Our Promise

We promise to show care and kindness to your pet whilst in our care.


 pdf price list available for download: